New, Rapid CT Scanners at O’Connor Hospital Are a ‘Game Changer’ for Patient Experience

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  • Two new Computed Tomography (CT) scanners improve access to care by expanding the number of appointments possible
  • The new equipment is a valuable diagnostic tool and advances patient care
  • The new technology is faster, making the procedure easier for patients


SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. – O’Connor Hospital in San Jose has installed two new Computed Tomography (CT) scanners. The new equipment has outstanding speed, power reserves, and sensitivity. Benefits of the new CT scanners include:

  • New scanners are faster, and procedures go more quickly for patients.
  • With faster imaging, more scans can be performed each day, which improves access for patients.
  • Images are high-quality and rich in information for more precise decisions.
  • With new low-dose equipment and quicker scan times, patients are exposed to less radiation.

“These new state-of-the-art scanners will be a game changer for our patients. With the new equipment, we are bringing our imaging quality to the next level,” said Beverly Lustig, Diagnostic Imaging Assistant Director at O’Connor Hospital. “Because this equipment provides gentle and ultra-low-dose scanning and is quicker, it supports improved patient care and well-being.”

The new scanners are upgrades and replacements for an older CT scanner and rented equipment. The new equipment simultaneously provides high and low digital imaging in a single CT scan. This technology means more coverage and shorter scan times. For example, the average pediatric scan time is .28 seconds, and lung scans average 4.12 seconds.

With smart automation that can adjust scan parameters to every individual, the new equipment can easily accommodate the smallest to the tallest person. With a wider opening, the new CT scanners are better suited for imaging the obese, elderly, and unconscious patients.

CT scans are a valuable diagnostic tool. Medical imaging technology has undergone a tremendous change since the Nobel prize-winning development of computed tomography in 1979. CT scans can detect some conditions that conventional equipment cannot because scans can show a 3D view of the section of the body being studied. CT scans also monitor a patient's progress during and after treatment.

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