Quarterly Report: July to September 2021 - Healthcare workers protect the health of the community

Healthcare workers protect the health of the community

From the front lines to behind scenes, our workforce continues to rise and face the unique challenges of the pandemic. Having been on the front lines of the pandemic from the beginning, they continue to make a difference and work tirelessly to bring better care, service, value, and health to our community.

Healthcare workers vaccinating people

By the end of September 2021, a total of 1,521,560 Santa Clara County residents over the age of 12 years had received at least one dose of vaccine. That substantial number is 88.7% of the local population. Of the over 1.5M residents being vaccinated, 1,438,159 of them had completed their doses, which is 83.8%. The County of Santa Clara Health System provided close to half the vaccinations given to people in this community. At the same time, the Health System provided at half of all COVID-19 tests in the county.

The County of Santa Clara Health System, continued to operate multiple community-based mass vaccination sites for ongoing first and second doses. These sites also began providing approved third doses for moderately to severely immunocompromised individuals. All eight Valley Health Centers and Valley Specialty Center continue to offer vaccinations as well. In September, to increase accessibility, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center opened vaccination sites at DePaul Health Center, an animal shelter in San Martin, and a community center in Mountain View.  

In preparation of the authorization of additional booster doses for adults and vaccines for children ages 5 to 12 years of age, the County and Health System began planning to meet the increase in vaccine demand. Some existing sites will be expanded, and additional sites have been secured. Both clinical and non-clinical staff have been identified and trained. 

With these preparations in place, the Health System will be able to offer booster doses within 24 hours of authorization by the FDA and the CDC. Because vaccinations offer the best protection against COVID-19, these efforts help us provide better health and wellness to the community




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