Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Recognized in the First Edition of US News’ Best Hospitals for Maternity

December 8, 2021

News Highlights

  • Recognized as a Best Hospital for Maternity Care out of 2,700 hospitals nationwide
  • Performed well with fewer newborn complications, fewer early deliveries and fewer C-sections
  • Acknowledged as one of the best local hospitals for maternity care

Santa Clara County, CA – Santa Clara Valley Medical Center scored well on multiple measures and has been recognized as High Performing in  U.S. News & World Report’s inaugural edition of the Best Hospitals for Maternity. High Performing is the highest level of achievement possible. 

“I am delighted that our hospital was recognized as one of the best local hospitals for maternity care,” said Paul Lorenz, CEO, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. “Families that had a baby here know the exceptional care we provide. Now more families will see that this hospital has performed very well on key measures of safety and quality.”

The Best Hospitals for Maternity evaluation looked at hospital data relating to uncomplicated pregnancies – not high-risk pregnancies – and at five different factors: scheduled early deliveries, C-section rates in low-risk women, newborn complications, rate of exclusive breast milk feeding and option for vaginal births after cesarean. 

Hospitals that performed well had healthier outcomes for mothers and newborns. This included fewer newborn complications and fewer C-sections compared to other hospitals across the nation. Out of 2,700 hospitals nationwide that offer maternity services, only 237 were recognized for being one of the Best Hospitals for Maternity.

Highlights from US News & World Report:

  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was recognized as being excellent at minimizing avoidable C-sections. Less than 23.9% of first-time, low-risk pregnancies at full term were delivered by Cesarean section. While some C-sections are necessary operations, unnecessary C-sections should be avoided because they pose long-term health risks to baby and parent.
  • A pregnant patient who previously has had a C-section may prefer to attempt a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) rather than undergo another C-section. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center routinely offers to support VBAC.
  • In full-term newborns with normal birthweight and no preexisting conditions, complications such as infection or injury are rare. The average rate at hospitals was 3.4%. At SCVMC, 2.7% to 3.4% of lower-risk births involved newborn complications.
  • 72.3% of babies were exclusively breastfed or fed breast milk during their stay at SCVMC. The average in the West is 60.0% and the national average is 51.0%. Feeding breast milk boosts an infant's immune system and brain development and may protect against allergies, asthma, obesity, and other conditions.

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