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Happy New Year. As we begin 2018, I would like to take a moment to look at just some of the 2017 accomplishments of the County of Santa Clara Health System. Of course, this could not have been done without the hard work and dedication of so many of our employees, or without the support and help of our partners! Thank you and please take a look at the attached 2017 Year in Review.

Rene G. Santiago, Director
County of Santa Clara Health System

Controlling Disease
The Public Health Department controlled over 220 infectious disease outbreaks, including norovirus, Hepatitis A and E. coli.

Advancing Quality
SCVMC received the California Hospital Association Quality Award for improving access, patient experience, continuity of care and provider satisfaction in specialty care.

The new Sobrato Pavilion at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) is now home to the nationally recognized Rehabilitation Center for spinal cord and trauma brain injuries.

Children’s Health
Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit leads the state in screenings for congenital heart disease and hearing in newborns. They also provide the Hepatitis B vaccines to newborn infants.

Suicide Prevention
The Behavioral Health Services Department ran suicide prevention campaigns that reached over 738,200 adult men (who have the highest risk of suicide) and 3.1 million young people. The Suicide and Crisis Hotline answered 21,434 calls in 2017.

Saving Lives
The Emergency Medical Services Agency provided over 1,000 transports for people experiencing a stroke. They updated their policies and procedures to make sure people having a stroke would get to the right care as soon as possible.

Low Cost 
Valley Health Plan is the lowest priced Covered CA health plan in Santa Clara County. And they received the highest member satisfaction rating from Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers.

Nationally Recognized 
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and its clinics became the 1st County healthcare system received national recognition when it reached HIMSS Stage 7 by using technology in a meaningful way to provide quality care and improve patient outcomes.​​


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